How to Disable ADS on BitTorrent or uTorrent

Last Updated on 9 de Janeiro, 2021 by Vítor Fernandes

A torrent file is a file containing metadata used for Bittorrent. A torrent is simply information about the destination file, although it does not contain any information about the contents of the file. The only information it contains in the torrent file is the location of the parts of the destination file.


1 – View the folowing images and examing the steps I made

Go to options tab, preference, select advanced and input the filter options.

Disables ads on BitTorrent or uTorrent
BitTorrent or uTorrent ads filter options

2 – Input in the filter box the following lines

Disable one by one by adding one line per option, mark false option and continue to next line until you finish. All done, no more ads!